Sectional Buildings

For garden building sales and assistance please contact our authorised dealers located around the South-East U.K   Bourne Buildings offer over 200 display buildings

Below shows a small selection of the sectional buildings we manufacture to suit customers special requirements.



Standard Specification

  • Apex or pent roof design.
  • Fully trussed roof, boarded in 18mm O.S.B and covered with 20kg polyester super shed felt.
  • Walls are cladded with 16mm nominal tongue and groove shiplap.
  • Wall framing, roof trusses and roof purlins are in 75mm x 50mm nominal.
  • Floors (not included on the garage option) are boarded with 16mm nominal T&G on 38 x 50mm nominal joists.
  • All timbers are fully immersed in spirit based preservative, which offers water resistance and protection from fungal and mould growth.

Standard Building Prices Include

  • Local delivery.
  • Erection (onto your pre-prepared base).
  • 1 pair standard double doors 6' 2" high x any width up to 8' 0" wide as you require (except 18' and 20' wide buildings which include 2 sets of double doors).
  • 1 single personal door 6' 2" high x 3' 0" wide with lock.
  • 1 opening 2' x 2' glazed window.
  • 2 fixed 2' x 2' glazed windows.
  • All doors and windows can be positioned where you want them, with no additional charge.
  • Eaves height 6' 7" internal.

Optional Extras


  • Regency style garage (in place of standard double doors) available in 6'0" high x 7’0" wide glazed, with lock and handle.
  • Wider personal door 3'6" (in place of standard width).
  • Additional personal doors.
  • Additional standard double doors.

Additional Windows  (width x height approx)

  • 2' x 2' opening glazed.
  • 2' x 2' fixed glazed.
  • 2' x 3' opening glazed (in place of 2' x 2').
  • 2' x 3' fixed glazed (in place of 2' x 2').
  • 2' x 3' opening glazed.
  • 2' x 3' fixed glazed.

Lining and Insulation

  • Bituminous based building paper lining to provide moisture barrier.
  • Insulation with polystyrene and lined internally with 6mm plywood (note the plywood lining is not designed as a decorative finish, as this can be done by yourselves or others once we have completed the building).

Roof Boarding T&G ( in place of O.S.B.)

  • 16mm nominal T&G.
  • 19mm nominal T&G.

Partitions ( up to eaves height )

  • Single skin partitions across width of building.
  • Double skin partitions across width of building.
  • Door can be fitted into partitions at additional door prices as above.

Extra Height

  • We can increase the eaves height at an aditional 5% of the building price for each 125mm increase in height.

Thicker Cladding

*   22mm nominal T&G loglap can be added at an extra 10% of the building price.

Thicker Floor Boards

*   19mm nominal can be added at an extra 5% of the building price.

Fixing Down

  • Garages can be fixed to the base.


  • Black guttering including down pipe.

Supply Only ( not erected )

  • 10% discount on building price only.

Other Upgrade Options

  • Upgrade to 4" x 2" nominal framing and roof truss members.
  • Onduline bituminous roofing sheet; virtually maintenance free. Available in black, green, brown and red. Includes eave filler. (Black supplied unless otherwise specified.)

All sizes are approximate.

Prices and specifications are subject to alteration without prior notice.

Site preparation is the customers responsibility and the base should be firm and level.